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Welcome to Uxbridge Tennis Club 2020! 

Located on Brock St. West, the Uxbridge tennis courts are just seconds from downtown Uxbridge. Most of our activities take place at the two courts located adjacent to the Uxbridge Arena/Recreation Centre and the Lawn Bowling Club.


The courts are owned and operated by the Township of Uxbridge which in turn provides the Uxbridge Tennis Club (UTC) members with exclusive access to the courts during specific hours. The Township has been tremendously supportive in making tennis an important part of our community and in 2011 and 2020 the courts were resurfaced.


The UTC is committed to supporting tennis in our community through youth programs and providing a fun social environment for adult play while striving to ensure the best tennis facilities are available for the community and club members.

Highlights from recent years include our tremendously successful youth tennis program, the addition of lights for evening play and a growing membership with players at all levels.

Let's Play Tennis!

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